Article from Public Art Mar 2023 Issue.198
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Critique, Solo, 2023

Written and published as part of the 2022 Nanji Residency Programme.
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Essay, 2022

회화의 조각 충동을 기념하며
Siwoo Kwon / Art Critic
Jun 10, 2022
Review on <How Do We Get Lost In The Forest. Published in  Lala& webzine, June 2022.
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Review, 2022

서울, 이곳은
Kim Jung-hyun / Art Critic
Review of <Seoulites>. Published in the Oct 2021 issue of Art In Culture.
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Reveiw, 2021

Understanding Unseen Time
Hong Leeji / Curator 
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Critique, 2020

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