A Folding of City
Eulji Art Center(C-enter)
Seoul, Korea
Nov 27 2021- Jan 1, 2022
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Exhibitions, Group, 2022, 2021

OLED ART WAVE: Every Wave You Will Sense
Peaches.  D8NE
Seoul, Korea
Sep 16 - Oct 14, 2021
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Projects, ExhibitionsGroup, 2021

서울, 이곳은
Kim Jung-hyun / Art Critic
Review of <Seoulites>. Published in the Oct 2021 issue of Art In Culture.
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Reveiw, 2021

Seoul, Korea
Jul 16 - Sep 09, 2021
Solo exhibition in collaboration with Mat-kkal, Chorong An, Jaewon Kang, 6-8 (Kohui, Hyunseo Cho,Joungyunsu, Jeoji)
VR production: 6-8
VR organizing: studio Sol
Curatorial team: Hojeong Hur
Text: Hyukgue Kwon
Organized by Museumhead

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